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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I had viewed the amazing frescoes in Chora Church.

Then made my way to ancient Fener and Balat.

Walking past old synagogues, Greek Orthodox Churches.

Checking out modern coffee shops and vintage stores among the old apartment buildings, butcher shops, produce markets and tea houses.

Wondering if the hipsters would drive up prices and change the character of the area.

Or would the hip new shops salvage otherwise crumbling buildings?

Eventually decided to hoof it back to Eminonu.

Making my way on a wide paved walkway along the edge of the Golden Horn.

Came across a derelict but still functioning ship.

Saw a dog barking.

Took a picture of the pooch.

Inadvertently captured forlorn look of this man.

Maybe a sailor?

Maybe a fisherman?

Maybe a salvager?

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